Round 1 of the playoffs are in the books.  Here is a quick summary:

EFC - The #1 seed survived, but #2 through #4 are all gone now.  WOW, that should pave an easier path for the Portugal Eagles but nothing is for sure in this league and that's what makes the league great!!

CFC - For the 2nd straight season, the #1 seed cannot survive round 1 of the playoffs.  The #8 Backwoods Black Bears looked impressive.  Could we have another #8 seed Web Bowl winner this season.   The #2 seed fell as well in the CFC, so it will be interesting as the playoffs progress.


The 2016 Playoffs are upon us and the brackets are posted.   Good luck to all in the playoffs this season.

The CBBFL is having a very balanced season in 2016.    After 5 weeks, only 1 team remains undefeated - the River City Hitmen.    Ironically, only 1 team is 0-5 and that is the Hilton Head Stingrays (in the same division).   The Stingrays have not had a win week 8 of the 2014 season.   They have had some Toilet Bowl wins, but those are only consolation matches and do not count toward historical records.   Sorry Tony, but when you want to be my arch-rival - you're going to make the front page when you hit a tough streak :-)

Manager Rebuttal (Hilton Head Stingrays) : WOW is all i can say i have lost more 2 and 3 points games this year then i want to think about but i will sya its not from me not tryign . I will continue to plug away as i do and hope my lucks swings the right way. It will not break me but make me stronger. 

I wish my Carolina Panthers scondary had this feeling OMG they are god awful i tell you

The final week of the regular season is upon us and we have some HOT playoff races left to settle.   The Playoff Picture is becoming a bit clearer, but only a handful of the 24 teams have been eliminated from the Web Bowl Playoffs.

The EFC has 3 teams elimated, but has 3 teams fighting for the final 2 playoff spots.  2 of the 3 divisions are up for grabs.

In the CFC only 2 teams have been eliminated.   The race here is a bit more interesting as 6 teams are fighting for the final 4 playoff spots.   2 of the divisional titles will go into the final week as well.

Best of luck to all as the season winds down....

Any and all trades must be submitted by both managers, via email, before the first game of Week 8 of the season.   Thus, for this season all trades are due in by October 27th at 8:25 PM EST.