Half way to the promised land

Well Week 6 is in the books and that puts us half way through the regular season. A few important dates to remember, Week 8 ends the trade deadline. No trades will be processed after the first game of week 8. We don't have very many trades as most manager tend to use Free Agency to change their rosters around, but just in case I wanted to be sure to remind you all. Trades need to be emailed by BOTH managers to the league commissioner before that deadline. Week 10 will put us back into divisional games, so keep your team close for that final divisional push. Remember that divisional record is a key tiebreaker. Week 12 ends the regular season. The top 8 teams make the playoffs (of course, each divisional winner is guaranteed a playoff spot regardless of records). Seeding can be very important in the playoffs, so every game counts.

CBBFL is looking for managers

As we enter our 18th season, we are in need of a few managers.   Our league is open to anyone over the age of 15.    We have a unique scoring system, so please be sure to read the League Rules prior to filling out the Registration Form

Our drafts are over for 2017, but get your team now and you can use Free Agency and trading to make any adjustments. This is a Keeper League. Lock yourself in for the future by starting now. Come enjoy the fun !!!

Web Bowl XVII Champions crowned

Our 17th championship game is completed.  Hard to believe it's been 17 seasons already.

This season saw The Ron Mexico edge out the Crushin Russians to win their first Web Bowl championship.    This makes the 4th straight championship for the CFC.   The historical series now stands at EFC 11 and CFC 6.

With the season over, all updates to the site will be for maintenance purposes only.  Feel free to use the forum, league email system and Private Messaging to stay in touch with other managers.

Next league activity will be the league Activity Test (usually around mid-July) with keepers being due at the beginning of August.   If any of you are not coming back for next season, please be sure to let me know ASAP so we can find a replacement.

If you're interested in joining the league for next season, please read the league rules and then fill out the Registration Form.   Openings are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Enjoy the off season,


CBBFL Commissioner



2017 Season Info - Activity Test

Just a reminder that keepers are due on 8/1 (as usual).   If you are not planning o return for the 2017 season - PLEASE let me know ASAP.

Tentative Draft dates are:

CFC August 26th at Noon EST

EFC August 27th at Noon EST

Please submit draft lists in case something comes up.  Remember that each `list` should include a list of positions in each round and a lengthy list of players for each position.   Also remember that TE & Receivers go on the same list !!

More to come as we get closer.


If you have trouble with keeper selection on the site (shouldn't, but just in case) then please email me your list along with your login (username & password) info so I can test the site.   Keepers are FINAL once submitted.

Manager Information

Just a reminder to our managers, it is your job to keep your information on the website up-to-date.   Simply go to your profile to change your email address if it changes.

I've been getting a number of bounced emails lately for certain managers.   If you miss activity tests and items of this nature because you did not receive the email, that will not be an acceptable excuse.   You will still be removed from the league.   Also, that email address is how other managers can now contact you - so keep it up-to-date.





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